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Published reports

Our service is designed specifically with the needs of busy, professional traders in mind. Once a week we publish market insights and strategy ideas.  Each report provides a concise technical assessment of the NYMEX Natural Gas market and serves as a fertile source of trade ideas. Topics include trend and momentum analysis, review of active and developing chart patterns including trigger prices and target objectives, large trader position analysis, trading bias and strategy summary, and chart examples illustrating pertinent themes. One of the things energy traders need most is advice that is not wishy-washy, thus we try to be as precise and univocal as we can at all times. 

Please keep in mind that our clients are professionals who use our service as an overlay or input factor in their own models, and rely on us chiefly for idea generation and timely market calls rather than systematic trades.

Real-time analysis, consultation

To bridge the gap between our published reports, we provide real time updates, analysis and on-demand consultations during business hours.  Clients rely on us whenever they need an immediate, unbiased technical assessment of the NYMEX gas market.  Direct, personal communication with clients is part of our regular service and client inquiries are encouraged.  We remain in close, often daily, contact with our customers

Publishing schedule

Reports are published weekly, usually on Sunday evening or Monday morning, prior to the NYMEX regular session open. Interim reports are occasionally generated at critical points in the market or when important changes occur to our indicators, rather than on a fixed schedule.

Delivery method

All reports are delivered directly to predesignated users via e-mail in Adobe PDF file format. If your computer does not have an Adobe Reader, you can download a free copy here. Real-time analysis and consultations are provided via instant message (IM) and/or by telephone.  If you do not currently use IM and need assistance just ask us for help. Subscribers may add our IM address to their own IM list. Click here for a list of our IM addresses.

Report samples

If you are a professional trader or risk manager, please send us your name, company, title and contact details and we will send you samples of our published reports.

Our publishing philosophy

All markets occasionally turn dull and inactive. During such times our commentary may be sparse and the number of specific ideas few. Even in dull markets we are still busy interpreting data, developing a bias and anticipating the direction of the next significant price move. We pride ourselves on the quality and timeliness of our ideas, rather than the quantity of words published. Merely regurgitating known data for the sake of producing “news” is unacceptable to us.

Subscription fees

Subscriptions are billed annually.

Basic subscription: 1-8 users, US$12000. Users must receive the weekly report directly from the [] domain.

Basic subscription: 9-12 users, US$15000. Users must receive the weekly report directly from the [] domain.

Enterprise subscription: Unlimited users, US$18000. Users may receive the weekly report directly from the [] domain and/or the report may be posted to client's internal server for intranet access.

Chesler Analytics does not license or authorize reproduction or redistribution by subscribers or anyone else.

For payment arrangements, please contact: dan @



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