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Subject: Goodbye
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2003 15:27:23 -0500
From: John C. Brooks <jcbrooks@lowrysreports.com>
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I wanted to inform you of a decision I have recently made concerning the Market Technicians Association. Since well before the date of incorporation, I have tried to work for the betterment of our association and to help raise the level of professionalism for technical analysis in general. As one of the three founders of this association, I have served on almost all committees. I was the eighth President. I was the seminar director at the Chatham Bars Inn and served on many seminar committees. Most recently chaired the MTA Educational Foundation. On my Presidential Award it mentions that I initiated the first steps in our certification program (CMT ) and I served as the chairman of the Accreditation Committee during the first few years of the growth of the CMT. I am the co-founder and Past Chairman of the Board of the International Federation of Technical Analysts ( IFTA ) and I am the 1998 recipient of the Market Technicians Association Annual Award for my contributions to technical analysis. These are only some of the highlights of my association with the MTA and I mention them to underscore that I do not lightly reach my conclusion.

I gladly gave my time to this association because we were building a future, not only for ourselves but for the young people who are to enter this field in the years to come.

Over the last nine months or so, under Ralph Acampora's leadership, the MTA has gotten away from most, if not all our original goals that made it a great group. The direction they are on now of lowering the standards and having the CMT designation as the new criteria for FULL membership doesn't appeal to me in the least. The ignoring of the constitution, the bending of the truth, the new habit of bringing lawyers into the board meeting, the closing of communications between members by shutting down the email list just before the elections and the practice of printing misleading information in the minutes of the board meetings to further the current boards own agenda is appalling to me.

I have no choice but to turn in my resignation to the MTA after 30 plus years. Good luck and good bye.

John C Brooks, CMT