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A distillation of mostly market related links and articles. Links designated PDF are internal links to Adobe PDF documents. Most other links are to external web sites, often in a new browser window.


Behavioral finance
From Efficient Market Theory to Behavioral Finance - Robert Shiller PDF
Dan Ariely -- Israeli American professor of psychology and behavioral economics
The Institute of Behavioral Finance - Research Papers


Caroline Baum
Foundation for Economic Education

Bank of Montreal Capital Markets
Commitments of Traders Charts
Energy Industry Conversions
Futures Contract Specs

Credit & Finance Risk Analysis
Summary of National Economic Data

Yield Curve Chart – interactive
Daily Treasury Yield Curve Rates
Financial Forecast Center
Richard Christopher Whalen
Comptroller of the Currency, quarterly derivatives fact sheet
Free To Choose" (1980) a TV Series by Milton Friedman

Energy Risk Management
Aether Advisors LLC
Aether offers strategic planning, due diligence, risk management, wholesale trading & origination, and competitive retail marketing.

Exchange traded funds
Nasdaq ETF site
American Stock Exchange
Investment Company Institute
ETFdb: The Comprehensive & Original ETF Database

Fibonacci series, Phi ratio

Dave Sabine
Bob Devaney
Ron Knott
Renaissance Technologies web site PDF
University of Saint Andrews

Fundamental analysis
Financial Mismanagement Through Restatements PDF
Confession: price changes lead fundamentals PDF
Novel idea dept: spec buying distorts fundemental values PDF
Optimism Biases Among Brokerage and Non-Brokerage Firms' Equity Recommendations - Carleton, Chen, & Steiner PDF
Goldman bond scam (how charts reveal advance knowledge of fundamentals) PDF

Psychology, crowd behavior, logic, mind effect
The Ordering of Random Events by Emotional Expression - Blasband PDF
Mihai Nadin
The Invasion from Mars - Hadley Cantril PDF
Emotional Part of Brain Can Make Bad Money Choices PDF
What is a meme? PDF
We don't know why stock prices go up or down PDF
Liddell Hart - strategic philosophy - part 1
Liddell Hart - statregic philosophy - part 2
Liddell Hart - strategic philosophy - part 3
The Art of War HTML
Expectation more powerful than experience PDF
Ant swarms and crowd psychology PDF
Book review: The Moment of Truth PDF
Bruce Thompson's Fallacy Page
Critical Thinking On The Web: Fallacies
Baloney Detection - Michael Shermer PDF

The Secret World of Jim Simons by Hal Lux PDF
Simons Doesn't Say: Meet the man whose 1990s returns are better than George Soros's PDF
Finance and Physics white paper collection
Quant vs. technician: what's the diff? PDF
Financial markets simply resist quantification PDF

Stock Market
Yale Confidence Indexes
Stock market safety index

Misc technical analysis, charting
The Ticker Tape: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow - Sam H. Hale PDF
Chart grok PDF
HFT (High Frequency Trading) defined HTML
Forecasting Methods Successfully Used Since 1928 - Willford I. King PDF
Technical Methods of Forecasting Stock Prices - Willford I. King PDF
Importance of Price Fluctuation Habbits - Harold M. Gartley PDF
Justin Mamis, Oct. 2000 interview PDF
Justin Mamis, Feb. 2004 interview PDF
Why Iím not renewing my MTA membership, by Andreas Clenow HTML links to
Goodbye MTA: Open letter by John C. Brooks, CMT, one of the original founders of the MTA HTML


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