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Articles focus on technical strategies, tactics and methods. A working knowledge of technical analysis and trading principles is assumed. Links designated PDF are internal links to Adobe PDF documents.

Articles by Daniel L. Chesler

Volatility and Structure: Building Blocks of Classical Chart Pattern Analysis - Spring '00, Market Technicians Association Journal PDF
Cycles, Volatility and Chart Formations - July '03, Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities Magazine PDF
Trading False Moves with the Hikkake Pattern - April '04, ActiveTrader Magazine PDF
Quantifying Market Deception with The Hikkake Pattern - Dec '04, The Technical Analyst PDF
Embrace Volatility - June '05 PDF
Chart Scale Debate: Log vs. Arithmetic - September '05 PDF
How Livermore Reads The Tape - April '02 PDF

Articles by authors we admire

Classical Charting Principle: An Edwards and Magee Approach to Trading Futures Markets - Peter Brandt PDF
Chart Analysis as an Aid to Commodity Price Forecasting - William Jiler PDF
Volume and Open Interest as an Aid to Commodity Price Forecasting - William Jiler PDF
Anatomy of a Collapse: Enron - Dorsey Wright & Associates PDF
Roughly Right is Better Than Exactly Wrong - Campbell Gorrie PDF