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We invite you to share your feedback and testimonials with us.

I do believe in technicals and believe your work to be among the best we've encountered.
Rob F.
Director, Natural Gas Trading, top 10 investment bank

I have always appreciated your perspective and thoughtful analysis.
Todd E.
Partner and founding member, one of the largest hedge funds in U.S. natural gas market.

I always have found your material valuable ... your product has been consistently good!
Paul H.
Hedging Manager, second largest U.S. utility company

First class technical research; Dan's calls are superb. 
Robert Zellner
Independent speculator and former CEO, Citicorp Futures Corporation

Your report is one of my favorites. 
David H.
V.P., Head of Gas Trading, largest non-utility energy provider in the U.S.

I really enjoy reading your technical analysis reports! You guys do a great job. 
Louis M.
Sr. NYMEX Trader, second-largest commercial and industrial energy provider in the United States.

Your insight has been immensely helpful. 
Todd P.
Sr. NYMEX Trader, large multinational merchant trading company.

Chesler is the most accurate U.S. forecaster in the Bloomberg News weekly gold survey.

Claudia Carpenter
Journalist, Bloomberg News, Sep 19, 2005

Insightful technical analysis that is thoughtful, well researched and multi-dimensional. I look forward to the weekly report on energy markets, as it provides unique perspectives, atypical of conventional technical market analysis. Most importantly, Chesler Analytics more accurately predicts market shifts than other services I have used.
Julia M. Ryan
Aether Advisors LLC

Chesler consistently comes up with unique trend stuff way ahead of the curve.
John Sodergreen
Editor-in-Chief, Scudder Publishing Group, publishers of 'Energy Metro Desk'

I have followed Dan's work since the early days of his career. I can say without hesitation that Dan is one of the most perceptive technical analysts in the field.
Eric Nadelberg, CMT
Senior Vice President, Global Derivatives, Prudential Securities

Dan's knowledge of the commodity markets and timing skills are impressive. His natural, intuitive ability to make sense of market patterns is unmatched.
Richard Reese
President, Resource Capital Management LLC, and former senior trader with the Derivative Trading Group of a major Wall Street investment bank

For over 25 years, my primary method of trading has been Edwards and Magee chart patterns, aka “classical” charting. While ADX has been a favorite indicator of mine for many years, Dan Chesler's CMT research on the subject has turned me on to a new and unique way to utilize this tool. I thank Dan for his contribution to the body of technical analysis knowledge.
Peter Brandt
Former top ranked trader for Commodities Corp. and author of Trading Commodity Futures with Classical Chart Patterns, and Diary of a Professional Commodity Trader

I find Dan's charts, tables and commentary to be a valuable tool as I time my market entry/exit points and in helping me to rank and compare various trading opportunities.
Tor Jernudd
Independent futures trader and former senior desk head for a major multinational bulk commodity merchandising company

In over twenty years in the futures business, I've seen and read just about everything out there. Dan's work is different. He thinks and writes clearly. His strategy and trading ideas have one of the highest batting average I've ever seen. Highly recommended.
Gene Sikora
Vice President, Futures Direct, FCStone Group

Although our fund is driven by strictly mechanical models, Dan is someone I often turn to for his conceptual thinking about the market. Dan has always been willing to share his insights. We have spent many a productive hour together exploring the market puzzle.
Peter Lacey
Managing Director, Phoenix Global Advisors, LLC

Your articles on the subject of classical chart patterns are based upon the idea that chart patterns are characterized by a rhythmical movement of price (cycle component) along with a volatility decrement (volatility component). Nice work. Your observations are essential and have to do with the evaluation of the pattern for trading purposes, that is: Is the pattern promising? Is this a valid breakout of the pattern? etc.

Giorgos Siligardos, Ph.D.
University of Crete, Dept. of Applied Mathematics

As a professional trader for over 30 years, I learned long ago that there are barely a handful of analysts worth their title. One of the analysts I do listen to however is Dan Chesler. His insightful thinking is usually two steps ahead of everyone else.
Anthony Cattani
President, Access Traders Inc., and member Winnipeg Commodities Exchange



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